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Nasty Fishies In The Nasty Urban Tank.

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I made some changes to the background - it was a little too busy so I decided to add a few larger pictures to make it a little calmer - and cooler. :)

So the red converse shoe because my bf's office is all red and black (plus Converse shoes are COOL - thanks for the suggestion!)

The Starbucks for the neurotic, hyper, psycho fishies in there.

And the Subway sign for the nights downtown :D

Now I just need to switch the river stone for a red brick-like stone.

Dr.House seems to think it is awesome (and takes the chance to beg for MORE food). Urkel is still undecided. :rofl










:heart :heart :heart

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haha crafty thinking.. before i saw the pic i was reading what you wrote and i was thinking like a cup in water.. a shoe and a subway sign.. and was like D: but then i saw the pictures and i was :D

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This is awesome Federica. I love it! :painting: And Amy is right it does look like Dr House wants her caf? latt?. That last pic is precious, the poor baby looks so upset. :P

Good job you can come and decorate my tanks any day. ;)

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thanx guys! my boyfriend loves it too :)

yea Dr.House, ever since she moved in there she cannot stop begging for food! :rofl Did you see the one where she is hanging under the waterline? That's her begging position so she can get the food even faster! :rofl

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