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Picky Eater?


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Hey there guys! I got a few questions.

I know my goldfish loves peas, its like his catnip. But is it okayto give them daily? Or every other day? I was thinking of buying a small bag of peas just for him.

I cant seem to find many foods he likes. I defenitely know he likes these:

-Reptomin Plus(turtle sticks)

-Omega one freeze dried krill

-Freeze dried plankton

-Frozen Brine shrimp(he goes crazy over this).

-Fish flakes(I give em once a week as a treat, he really likes it...)

I know I know freeze dried food not too good. Iam replacing them little by little. Tommorow I am replacing the krill or the plankton with frozen. I have to do it slowly cause my parents get mad if I spend everything at once. Idk its a long story. They forget that they bought the food the week before, so they dont pay attention. i guess I trick em like that. I feel sorry about it. But my pets safety is priority at this moment reguarding foods. Look Iam trying pelleted sinking foods, and he rejects it. He only goes after sinking algea waffers, and floating turtle sticks(I crush em for him so they dont float). But the little sinking pellets he absolutely ignores.

So Iam thinking he may ignore the hikari sinking. Is there anything I can do about that? Or is there any other food he wont reject that he will find absolutely scrumptious but is mad good for him? I was thinking about giving progold a try.

Iam also thinking of buying these type of frozen foods besides the one I have:

-Frozen plankton.

-Frozen silver sides(would he go for these???)

-Frozen krill

-Frozen turtle food(I figured if he loves turtle sticks,22 go bonkers over the frozen stuff)

-Frozen blood worms

I dont know what other stuff they have thats frozen.. Iam thinking that they may have frozen daphnia???

I was also thinking of buying sea monkeys just for the purpose of feeding the goldfish live sea monkeys, maybe fairy shrimp too??? Is there any other stuff I can add to his diet? i wanna make his diet as wide as possible. I think that the wider a diet an animal has, the healthier itll be. Because itll be getting more vitamins, and minerals that other foods may not have. As well as itll enjoy it and not get bored of eating the same thingday in and out. I would go mad if I have to eat rice everyday for the rest of my life. Even if they added chicken andbeans. If i just ate the same foods over an over again I would go crazy. I personally need a large variety. So I think they may enjoy a larger variety too. I tried a mandarin orange. It wasnt too sweet so I gave the rest to em. xD Yeah. Lol. He ignores most veggies. Is there anything else thats veggie that22 defenitely not ignore? What about berries? Like blue berries, raspberries, and small berries like that? Would he ignore them as well? I mean I defenitely know they would be REALLY good for him. They contain antioxidants. Which is something that hikari promotes. Iam thinking if I cant find a staple pelleted diet. Id make their diet myself with home foods and frozen foods and some pellets. But as of now, he rejects all sinking goldfish foods. I was also wondering if I could try feeding it clams, and insects? Id boil the insects to kill any parasite if thats of worry. But would it be bad for it to eat any insects? Because Iam pretty sure in the wild carps eat stuff like mosquitoes, crickets, worms, roaches and anything that falls into the water. They also would eat aquatic pond insects.

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I just wanted to add. I like going crazy with animal diets. Its my thing. I guess I love feeding other people and animals. :P I like how happy the animals get when they get something new and tasty. Or when I give em something they consider a delicacy.

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The sinking pellets are the best food as they contain all he needs. Try to somehow getting him to eat them. Give him those pellets and nothing else. Goldfish are pigs and will eventually eat the pellets.

And as nice as it is to wanting to provide a big variety of flavors, but unlike humans most animals don't care too much about it. Sure, having something different as treat is a joy for them, but they do not mind eating the same thing every day. What do you think they do in nature, eating algae and insects. I doubt that different insects taste much different.

Give him some pellets and leave them in there for a few hours. If he still didn't eat them, take them out (a fish tank only turkey baster is amazing for getting uneaten fish food and other things out of the tank quickly). Keep doing that until he eats the pellets.

Frozen bloodworms are something just about every fish loves for a snack. Same with the peas which I try to give them once a week now. Frozen brine shrimp and daphnia are good for them too. Many fish love boiled broccoli but it might make them gassy and floaty. Boiled carrots usually are much liked too.

A slice of fresh cucumber or zucchini is a special treat too. I usually just let a cucumber slice float at the surface and the fish seem to have so much fun eating at moving dinner :D

Fruit is high in sugar and should be given only occasionally. I heard that oranges, lemon, banana and strawberries are a hit, but I only ever tried strawberries myself and my fish completely ignored them...

And you could always try to make some gel food for them!

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