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New Trop Tank


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Now that Sir Betta Physch has passed on, I think I am going to set up a tropical tank with.....


I already have a GSP in full marine, so I know the intricacies of keeping puffers somewhat. And since I have such hard water/high pH I thought DPs would be perfect for my room!

I am going to get three of them for my 10g tank. :) I can't wait to get them, but I know that I have to completely cycle the tank and make sure the cycle is stable before introducing them. So I am adding a little extra blank media and am going to expand on Sir Betta Physch's cycle with a fishless cycle. I am hoping to have the tank ready before Thanksgiving so I can get the little buggers once I get home after break. :)

I think I am going to do mostly fake plants because I really don't think my light is good enough for keeping really nice live plants. Though I am thinking of buying some java moss online and trying to get it to take over my driftwood.

Anyways, I am excited and just wanted to share! :)

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wow.. that's a fantastic idea.. hope it all works out and can't wait to see pics as your project is progressing..

I'm really excited! I will take pictures...but I lost my SD card so all the pictures will be from my phone! :D

Cool! How big do they get?

They only get to 1in in size!

Yay for dwarf puffers! We have one in a 6 gallon and he's quite a character Make sure you get all girls or two girls and a boy Keep us up to date with pictures

Actually, Sarah, I thought of you when I decided to get them....I am going to try and get two girls and a boy, but the DPs at my pet store are all really young, so I may not be able to sex them. If It comes down to it, I can always set up separate tanks for them if I get the wrong genders! :P

I am going to go to Petsmart either tomorrow or Thursday and get a bunch of pond/Malaysian trumpet snails so I can get a good population before the new DPs start to hunt them down! :rofl

Plus I have to buy new test kits....I just tested the fishless cycle (I added 3 drops of ammonia to the tank yesterday...and the ammonia, nitrIte and nitrAte all registered zeros....:huh: I am pretty sure that means they are expired....

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I'm all cycled......

Dwarf puffers are being bought THIS WEEKEND!! WOO!

Can you tell I'm excited!?


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