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New Fish Is Looking Great


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He/She's a bright shiny white now and sooooooooo friendly. =D



-stares at bubble wand- "Mooooooooooooooom~~~ Why only one bubble come out? D:"


Darn dirty glass. haha



Thanks guys. :heart

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How about something like Shannon, or Shanny. Somewhat multisex name. So if it's a girl, you're good. If it's a boy, it'll still work.

I named my Ranchu Vader. Then found out he was a she, so I changed the name to Annie (as in Anakin) Darth Vaders real name. Star Wars nerds will get it. ;)

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You may think this crass, but I can't think of anything else but a cute little Hitler 'stache from the front.

From the side, it looks like lipstick.

Either way LOVELY fishie!

I was thinking the same thing :rofl Beautiful fishy!!

Me too!! :rofl :rofl

"She" is adorable! :heart

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