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We have had "Prince Poppycock" for about 3 weeks. He is still in QT with prazi ongoing. He is doing really well. I was going to wait longer to introduce him,but he seems like he will be strong & healthy. He came from the feeder tank. He was about 2 inches long, and has grown already, almost 3 inches now! He will share Boog's 25 gallon tank, until I can upgrade to a 40 or 50 gallon, hopefully soon!

He is like Boog's twin in single tail form. haha And he looks redder in person, the flash lightens too much.


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Thanks! He is lively & quick! I tried to get a better photo with less flash , but because he is in a tiny (5g) tank and soooo fast, I can't take it up close as he is too curious and moves too much, so I zoomed in so it is grainy. It gives a better representation of the colour as we see it. :)


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