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New Fish!

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So as you may have heard, I came home with a :newfish tonight!

He's not real humpy, And I was having trouble getting a good anngle. But his tag said ryukin, and I'm pretty sure he is. His black is not showing up in these pics nearly as dark as it is. The lighting where my QT tank is is really bad. And my camera died on me while I was taking these, so I will have to wait til it's charged to try to get better ones.




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In real life, the brown looks more black. But the color is hard to describe. It's almost like the coloring I see on some shubunkins. I'll have to see if I can get some better pictures. Maybe when there's some daylight in there.

I haven't quite got him figured out yet. He is active and friendly. He comes right to the front of the tank when anyone goes near, and he seems very healthy. But he won't eat if someone is watching! He waits til you look away and then hoovers it up and then is all like "who, me?" when you look back at him and the empty spot where the food was.

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