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My 2 little teles have now been with me 2 weeks so I thought they deserved an introduction biggrin.gif

Deshi (sorry, a little blurry):


Lei - she's a little bigger than Deshi:


Not very good quality but I love this photo!


Nom nom nom


Swim away - 98% of my photos looked like this!


They have 43 gallons all to themselves at the moment - spot the fish!


I've been meaning to ask the difference between telescopes and butterfly telescopes? These guys were labelled as butterfly telescopes, was this correct? Either way I love my little teles to bits heartpump.gif

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Thanks everyone :) I love them sooo much! I just wish my fish photography skills were better as my pictures don't do them any justice! They've both filled out and grown a fair bit in the 2 weeks they've been with me - I hope they turn into big fat happy goldies biggrin.gif

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