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Easiest Water Change Ever


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AGH, I meant to post this in the tank video section. Can a moderator move this please?

I just did another water change and figured out how to do it even easier. I took the end of the gravel vac and cut the hose thinner. The material itself is about 3mm thick, I carefully cut the last inch down to about 1mm. That way the end was softer too and I could actually stuff it into the garden hose, had the other hand of the hose out the back door into the grass, and started using the gravel vac as normal.

Except that this time instead of filling bucket after bucket the water went right into the hose and out.

It has less suction than the gravel vac by itself, but it still did the job even though it took a bit longer to empty the tank.

Please excuse the messy room; hubby has yet another one of his projects going on :D And Kiki was very fascinated by the water spilling out onto the patio.


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Yep. And it is nice that I can either do a complete change by gravel vacuuming or first do the gravel vac and then just tuck the thing in a corner like in the video and let it get out the water. The suction is way too weak to get the fish, plus the way I jam it into the corner there is no room for a fish to get into the gravel vac either.

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