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Introducing My Other Goldfish!


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This is Bubba. He is a 3 year old oranda, who unfortunately was the victim of newbie neglect. He is very stunted from living in a one gallon fishbowl for 3 years. He is so happy in the 40 gallon tank, and I am so happy to see him in it! I think he's even grown a bit! He's very sweet, and for a long time put up with bullying from the younger fish (Maya). But now he stands up for himself sometimes! :)


And this is Maya, a young ryukin. I'm not sure how old she is, but we've had her for almost 4 months now. She is getting so huge and fat! When I feed them, she is a total bully, and would rather make sure Bubba doesn't find any food than look for food herself. She's still cute though :) (PS: I don't actually know if it's a girl yet, but I'll go with it!)



And here are some pictures of them hanging out together!


Bubba begging for food as usual...









And more begging...


Thanks for looking :) I enjoy them very much!

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Thanks everyone!! I used to think Maya was the most ugly thing ever, I'd never seen a ryukin before my dad brought her home. Now I think she's a beauty, especially with that hump :D

And yes, the new tele will be going in with them, that is the plan anyway. If everything goes smoothly, it'll be going in Sunday Nov 21! I hope the big guys don't pick on it too much... :)

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