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Do Female Goldfish Give Off A Scent To Attract A Mate?

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Out of my four fish I only have one female (Cupid). She is a small lionhead and the smallest fishy in the tank.

At certian times my fantail (Hercules, and the oldest fish in the tank) and one of my orandas (Atlantis) like to chase her all over the tank, they won't let her rest. Then after a couple of days everything dies down and the chasing completely stops.

:( Cupid has been known to have a very red tummy and following close observation I noticed that the two boys sometimes nip her while the chase is on. She has lernt that if she swims fast they don't get close enough to nip :o . My red cap (Cherry) doesn't get involved in the chasing or the nipping, he just gets on with his chilled out life!

I have been wondering if she is giving off some sort of scent to attract a mate(?) She is tiny though, just 3 inces!

Would like to know your thoughts on this,

Thanks in advance! ;)

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Ok, this might be a dumb question:

So when a female produces hormones that float in the water and attract males, can you THEORETICALLY reduce the male being a bully by doing daily water changes and so less hormones building up?

Again, this is a completely theoretical question :D

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yes you could if you have a male that is trying to mate, but the female will produce some more...plus if you add water that is cold to the tank it could trigger it again, I also have heard of the full moon thing effecting them, dont know if its true but other animals go by that too... food for thought :lol

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