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Where To Buy Ranchu Goldfish?


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You can try goldfishconnection.com ;p But hands of lot #53. There are some nice ones on the auction now if you're willing to pay a price.

Raingarden has some cute ones for cheaper too.

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GC (goldfishconnection.com) for sure. But like Tay said, be prepared to pay up a bit. Prices are dependent on size and quality though. In my eyes it's completely worth it. I don't shop anywhere else for my goldies. :)

I have yet to try out Rain Garden. I've heard nothing short of positive reviews of them, and they have very decent goldies available at a usually cheaper price range than that of GC, but I haven't bought from them yet because I'm too choosey when it comes to goldfish physical conformation and balance. In the end, it's all about the individuals taste. ;)

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