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4 New Family Members


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4 new family members!

Migaloo- White and Orange Fantail

Maceroly-Orange Fantail

Capt Hook- Fantail with a hooked in his tail (Orange)

Calico Bubble Eye Finean Bubbles( Has one black Eye and one White eye.





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Oh my gosh... they are so cute!! They look like they're tiny too! :wub:

It is an honour and a privelage to have a fish names after me! :nana:thanks

And Maceroly! :rofl ... I LOVE IT! :hi5:P

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One of your orange fish I think is a single tail, then the other orange one is a fantail and the one with a red spot on its head is a fantail, then the biggest is a telescope... am I right?

All very cute! How big is your tank? I like the gravel :)

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