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So Many Colors. Shapes And Sizes


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Nice top view during feeding time. I love Chibi's big dark eyes


This is one funny group shot


Spicey replaced Orange Fishie. I don't understand why Spicey has red eyes in so many photos, and only her. None of the others!


Chibi is getting rounder. You can see one tiny dot of black on her side, the black on the fins is getting smaller too. Too bad as she looks so funny in tri-color, but even in all orange or white/orange she is gonna be a cutie. I also love the mix of metallic and matte scales.


And she gets a bit white around her mouth. Spicey looks like she wants to know what's going on.


Vanille and Spicey. You can see where Spicey's wen MIGHT be growing in the future.


I am really not too sure what Blacky Fishie is doing here. Looks like she thinks she's a dog, sniffing butts.


This photo really shows Vanille's development, getting a deep body and a long tail. Just compare her to how she looks in my signature.

What is this shape tail called anyway?


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AWWW Chibi has to be my fave!!! She looks so funny! I am sure she would be a great buddy to Dr.House! Also looks like she is growing! :bingo:

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They are looking fabulous! great to see Vanille out of QT - she looks as though she has settled in well with her family!

I cant pick a favourite! :wub:

Yes, it took her a day to get used to the big tank, but she has settled in well. I think she and Spicey are becoming buddies :)

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