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Multiple Videos Of Fishies!

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Alright so here I got some videos to share with you guys.

First one is a random video from above. My fishies look nice even from that angle :D

LOL I haven't realized my whiny sick hubby in the background :rofl


Another random video. Chibi is growing so fast! She is the funniest looking telescope :D


This one is from when I moved Vanille in with the other fish. As always, the newbie follows Hugo around like a little puppy, it is SO CUTE!!!

You can really watch that at the beginning of the video :3


Last but not least, a short video of Banana in the 1 gallon bowl while I was changing her QT tank water. She is so much tinier than I thought, not much bigger than Chibi is now.


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Thanks! Apparently Hugo is almost everyone's favorite :D No way she's gonna go in a pond where I can't see here much. Instead it will be a huge tank.

And Banana is SO cute, my sister said the same thing when I sent her photos. She said Hugo and Banana are now her favorites.

I haven't realized though how much Vanille's tail grew in those 24 days since I have her. She's actually only 3.5 inches, and about half of it the tail. She's getting a deeper body too and I might be seeing a microscopic development of what might become a hump LOL

I'm so proud of all my girls :3

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