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Meet Lucy - My New Fish !


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I saw a little white 3 - 3.5 inch Ranchu the other day... I decided not get her at the time. I haven't been able to stop thinking about her! She was just so darn cute!!

I went back today and she was still there! She was so friendly at the lfs... every time I put my hand up to the tank she would come up to it... she was BEGGING me to buy her!

She has a little red dot on under chin... looks like an injury - I pointed this out and got a pretty good discount LOL!! (I would have paid full price though LOL) Its really looks like nothing to worry about and will clear up in no time! You can sort of see it in the 2nd pic.

Apart from that, she is really active and seems healthy. Currently having fun exploring the QT tank!

I decided she is a girl because she wears orange eye shadow and matching lipstick!









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Oh my gosh... she is so cute and has a personality to match! She is in no way shy - just super friendly and curious!

That red dot under her chin is already looking a little better today - like it has faded somewhat.

The QT tank is a 2 foot tank - so about 17gals. Its was actually my guppy tank, but I stole it from them LOL - I set the guppies up in the 10 gallon, which is perfect for them! I love how effective the paperweights and gemstones look with the barebottom... hmmm I wouldnt mind doing the 170 gallon like this LOL

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