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New Oranda Out Of Qt After Water Change (Picture Heavy)


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I got this guy a week and a half ago, after checking in on whether or not the Ranchus I ordered were coming (answer on that is, they're not).





I'm really excited about this guy. His name is Claus. He should be a fairly similar to body, and wen style to Chubs.

Chubs eye is looking a lot better. This is the wrong side though, lol.


This is the correct side.










And this is a terrible picture. But, I can never get a good one of Obi.



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Thanks all!

I hate picking favourites. But, I'd have to say Chubs is easily mine right now. His wen development, colour change, and growth has been slow, but steady. He's possibly 3 times the size he was when I got him in March.

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They are all really cute! I love their little faces!

Why didn't the ones you ordered come? Did something happen to them?

No, the guy they get their fish doesn't have what I'm looking for right now. They said maybe in the new year.

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Claus is really cute! He's got the perfect little compact oranda body, and nice fins as well!

It was impossible not to walk out of my LFS without one of them. There was about 7 of these guys, and Claus was ever so slightly my favourite. :D

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