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The Oranda Tank


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What is the tall plant in the right hand corner???I love it :)

Plastic! :roflLink I can post you one if you want :)

I haven't managed to spot Rusty in the first pic, was she hiding?

Yup <_< Behind the plants in the bottom right corner, I added the big internal in again today as it was in Chester's QT tank, she's still trying to find a few sheltered spots from the current, being so small she struggles more than the big guys who just sleep in the middle.

When did you steel Mongo? :whatjust:

Seriously though, I don't remember you having a Blue Oranda.

He does look a bit like Mongo doesn't he?! I've thought that for a while! I got him about 2 weeks ago, my bf bought him for me as an early Xmas present :)

Can I borrow him?

No! :o:rofl

Thanks for the nice comments guys :) Still trying to sort this video out but my housemate keeps playing online games and it results in either my upload or his game cutting out <_< I might leave it until tomorrow morning, it's a lot clearer than the photos.

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