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Some more photos I took of her, in the 1 gallon bowl. She is so much smaller than she seemed at the LFS. She might be as little as Chibi, which is only about 3 inches. D'awwww! You can tell how much room she got in that 1 gallon bowl. No wonder the 50 quart QT tub looks huge with only her in it!

Anyway, this is the face I fell in love with at the LFS :heart:




And a couple side views. If you look closely you can see she already does have a wen on her chubby cheeks and gills. It is clear though so in photos it doesn't show too well



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Thanks! These photos are showing her colors a lot better. The pics are slightly saturated, so imagine the yellow a little paler. Not a lime-yellow though, more like a pale dandelion. The only thing that worries me is that she hasn't pooped yet since I got her, even though she ate like 6 saki hikari pellets. Dunno if that in-tank filter has sucked in all the waste or if she hadn't pooped. I'm not going to give her any food today and tomorrow she might get a pea. Well, half a pea maybe, but not more.

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Spicey actually is an oranda, but her wen is on vacation.

You can see the thick folded skin and a tiiiiny version of bumps. Really tiny, just in the beginning stage. I got her for... 3 months now maybe? Seems longer to me though.

Anyway, in this time she grew a lot, but the wen itself changed only insignificantly. I guess she'll always look like a baby oranda :teehee

I read somewhere though (not on Koko's I think) that bronze orandas supposedly often only grow tiny wens. However true that is, it seems to be true with little Spicey.

Banana is a lot smaller than Spicey and already has an obvious wen going on. She's gonna end up with such a fat face! :D

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