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Names Finally!

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After much discussion, my little boy has settled on names for our fish! I'm still working on the whole fish photo thing, but I managed to get a few that don't totally suck.

This is Mr. Fish




And this is Stanley




And here they are together






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I like Stanley very much. He is the goofiest little fish I have ever met. Even my husband gets a kick out of him, and he doesn't usually credit goldfish with much personality. I told him he just hasn't known the right goldfish.

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Thanks guys!

Yeah, I hope they are boys. But I guess I wouldn't be the first person with inappropriate fish names if it goes the other way. Stanley is way to little to tell yet for sure. Mr. Fish is at least two and doesn't want me to get a good look but as near as I can tell it looks like a boy vent. But no breeding stars, so , meh, we'll see.

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