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Passed Up Some Fish I Wanted Earlier.

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I've been keeping busy trying to build my gallery among other things so when a gorgeous pair of dwarf

gouramis came up at my semi local aquarium club, I let someone else have them. I had previously wanted a pair of dwarf gouramis for a few months and I was going to wait until all the surplus plecos were out.

Working on my gallery takes a tremendious amount of time when I'm working towards goals. I consider my gallery a career in progress and my fish keeping a hobby...so guess which one I prioritize?.

I will be coloring about 75 pieces soon. It takes about 4 hours to edit and color each piece. Not that I can work back to back on pieces as my hands will hurt, I'll get cramps and feel ill if I work too hard on it.

So that's that I thought about as I passed up the gouramis.

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