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Need To Test Some Foods On Rog...


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I need to test something other than ProGold on Rog to see if he will stop hanging near the surface. I was wondering if if anyone would be willing to send me a few days worth of Saki Hikari or Hikari Lionhead? Just the cost of a postage stamp:)

Right now Rog is in QT and he eats two pellets morning and night. We end MetroMeds today (just in case he had a problem but nothing changed).

Next I will try a few days of Spirulina flakes from goldfish connection.

We live in Texas. I could send you some Goldfish Connection Spirulina Flakes or some Progold or MetroMeds if you would like :angelstaf:

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I send funny stuff all the time, one stick of gum...I will message you my address. Do you want to sample anything I have?

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