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Planted Tanks


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Got a new betta for the nano planted tank. (I rarely qt betta's cause they are not in a tank with a bunch of other fish when I get them.)




I was planning on moving my rainbows to the O's tank when they got big enough but I am liking them so much I don't know if I want to risk it.

Did a little trimming on the right side to make more swimming room.





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Looking great, and I love that new betta!!

Say, how do you clean a planted tank like this? Do you even do some gravel vac in there or are the plants taking care of what ends up in the gravel? I absolutely LOVE how your tanks look! :heart:heart:heart

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Nope I never vacume the gravel. If I did the soil would be everywhere. I have been tring to get some mulm. The plants need it for food. But so far very little of it. I just can't seem to feed the fish enough. lol

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