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Color Change


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I just brought my telescope, Ben, in from the pond for the winter, and he has gone through a dramatic change over the summer. He has about doubled in size in the last 6 months and I'll let the pictures speak for themselves on his coloring. He has always been a two-sided fish, one side more white, the other more red.

Here is his white side before


and now


His red side before


And now


He has lost almost all of his black, and all his colors are much more intense. He will definitely be going back out in the pond next summer!

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Thanks everyone. :)

The pond really does wonders for all my fish's coloring. I think it is probably the combination of sunlight, and nibbling algae all day long. I may try to photograph my commons tomorrow when I clean out the pond. Their colors are really strong too, though they haven't changed quite so much!

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I have to say, I think I like his new colors better myself! I'm looking forward to photos of your other fish. He is stunning! Love his name too. My favorite cousin is named Ben. :)

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