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Hey everyone,

I'm currently quarantining a new calico telescope by himself before adding him to my main tank. He's about 1-1.5 inches long (tiny guy!) and he's currently in a 10 gallon on week 3 of his QT. He's been doing fine, although I noticed that it seems to take a long time for him to poop after eating. For the first time today I saw what appear to be threadworms in his tank. I'm 100% sure they're not planaria (not oozing around on the glass, not flat like planaria are) and I'm about 90% sure they're threadworms (round, whitish, about 5mm long, float around lazily in the flow of the water, squiggle frantically occasionally). My 2 questions are:

1) Could the threadworms be why my little guy takes so long to digest?

2) Should I treat for them? I saw a previous thread from about a year or so ago regarding threadworms, but I didn't really see a lot of definitive answers for whether or not to treat and what to treat with.

Extra info:

He's the only fish in there and the tank is a bare-bottom with 2 snails and a moss ball as the only decoration.

The tank was fully cycled before I added the fish.

I didn't do any pre-treating with meds as part of the QT process. There is no salt in the tank either.

I last did a water change 2 days ago, about a 50% change.

I've lost 2 other fish in the past from this same LFS at around the 3 wk range because they just kind of wasted away, so I'm worried that will happen with this guy.

To treat or not to treat?? That is my question :)

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You should definitely add salt during the quarantine process. I would use aquarium salt to raise the salinity to 0.1% (1 teaspoon per gallon) So that's 10 teaspoons. And repeat this 2 more times over the course of 12 hours. What are your water parameters?

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Would those worms fall in the Prazi hit list? I think you should treat the little guy with Prazi - he probably has a few flukes anyways :)

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