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Odd Particles In The Tank

Guest uldene

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so I was doing a water change this morning and stirred up something a bit odd in Gertrude's tank. they caught my eye because they're kind of shiny and my first though was that they're bits of scale that have come off for some reason. so I fished a couple out of the tank. and it's a hard piece of something, but they're not really scale shaped... I mean not the flat and round shape I'm used to seeing on the fish. its sort of round and hollow on one side then tapers off to a narrow edge... kind of like a feather. how it's got the round stem and spreds out and flattens to the feather shape... it's too small for me to get a picture to show you guys what I mean so I hope I'm being clear... have any of you seen this before? Am I right to think that it's just bits of scale that she's lost? and if so is that normal? do goldfish shed their scales on occasion and if so how often? Or is this something completely different that I should be worried about

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I found a few once I dug around for them. maybe a dozen. and the decorations I have are all colored plastic. a couple plastic pots and plastic rocks. the pots are sort of a red brown color and the rocks are all unnatural pinks and blues and purples. these things were a shiny white and definitely not plastic. more like enamel. but I've had the same decorations in the tank since I set it up and Gertrude is the only fish that's ever been in it. I do get quite a bit of gunk built up from the chemicals in our tap water but it's that dull yellowish calcium buildup color. not the shiny white this is. and they all have sort of a uniform shape... round with a hole on one side and sorta flat on the other... can't really think of how else to describe it. could it be bits of mineral buildup?

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sounds really bazzar! no idea what it could be.. see if you can try your best to photograph them.. perhaps if you put them all together, they won't be so small and a pic might work.. try for different coloured surfaces underneath them so the camera lens can focus on them. perhaps we can help you determine what they are once we can see them too.

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not sure if this is really clear enough, but here's a pic


you can see they're really tiny. and one side is more brownish than white... you can sorta see the color in the pic... that side is round and hollow. and the white part is flat. I have no idea what they are or where they might have come from. could they be from some sort of parasite that got into her tank? she's been acting sort of twitchy since I did the water change. not sure if it started with the water change though or if she was doing it before and I just didn't notice

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okay.. how many gallons is your tank and also how often do you change the water? and when you change the water, how much do you change? can we also get the water parameters?





and i'm thinking this will be handy too



if what i'm seeing is not coming through your tap water, then there's something not right with your water params and this could be as you say, build up of minerals or something else..

twitchy can mean flukes.. have you treated your fish with prazi before? how long have you had gertrude for? is she the only one in the tank? sorry for all the questions, and please do not feel overwhelmed, i'm just trying to grab the best understanding of the current environment in the tank so that we can help some more.

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it's a 30 gallon tank and I usually do a 50-60% water change every other day but I let it go an extra day this time.

Ammonia is a little more green than 0, but not as green as the .25 on the card. I use the API kit for that, but have test strips for the rest at the moment

nitrates are below 20 which is as low as the strips measure, but it barely turns pink so I don't think they're too bad

nitrites are 0

GH is around 150

KH is around 120

Ph is high, between the 7.8 and 8.4

the GH, KH, and Ph are all the same in the tank as they are from the tap before and after I did the water change

the water change did change the temp a bit. it was at 66 before and it went up to 68

Gertrude is the only fish in the tank and she's been in there by herself for 2 years without any problems. I've never treated her with prazi. I vaguely remember her having ick right after I first got her, but other than that she's been completely healthy and I don't think I've ever treated her for anything else. Could she have had flukes this whole time without showing any signs? and I don't think I've done anything different recently than I always have. I did try to feed her some steamed carrot yesterday. she didn't like it all that well

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