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Gone But Not Forgotten


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Butterfly turned all white too.


Don't even remember this ones name. It was only with me a few months.


Don't remember this ones names either.


There was anouther short tailed white one that I had when Star was here. He died when the pearlscale did.

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I have a bunch of fish that I lost BEFORE koko's and a few that were fish that I kept at a tank at the store I worked at.. If I posted pics of all them, there would be WAY too many so I am gonna just post the really memorable ones..

This is Sheldon. He was the fish that brought me to koko's. He was such a fighter... This fish changed my life forever in so many ways. He taught me how to care for a fish properly and he brought me many many friends on this board and without him everything would be different. I miss him SO much. :heart



Next up is Malibu.. She was another very very hard loss for me. She was the sweetest fish. She was always coming up and eating from my hands and giving me "kisses" when I would put my finger in the tank.



This is Sydney. She was a GORGEOUS black ranchu...She was sick when she arrived. Apparently shipping caused issues. She fought for 30 days and in that time I became really attached to her.


Then there was Heba and Ed.. They were two adorable FAT crowned pearlies.. I still can't believe they are gone:



Last is Kharma. She (along with Kismet) was my first fish from an auction. She started out a black and white moor but eventually turned all white with a tad of orange..


Aww this was sad.. Not just seeing mine but everyone else's too. I remember so many of these fish :cry1 Maybe they are all swimming together in fishy heaven now.

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