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One of the pictures is not all that great but I just wanted you all to see how small she still is compaired to Mongo.

Her tail is coming in so nice. I think it is going to be a nice long flowing one just not as nice as Mongos.




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Ok just netted him. He no longer can lay out in the net to get measured. His tail curls. But appears he is now 9 inches long. From tip of nose to end of tail.

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Secret don't really have one. Clean water and good food. But honestly I just started out with a nice goldfish. Micah is only been with me 1.5 years and not near the size of Mongo but he was also only about a inch long when I got him.

Here are some pictures from when I got Mongo and one of Micah when he was a baby.

My look how short his tail was. lol




I t hougth Micah was going to have a lot of white and might even be all white.


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