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Update Pics


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I haven't been here in a while... Update pics! Bilbo's been out of quarantine and living with Mr. Poh for a while now. Weeee! They're so funny, and always hanging out together.


Ohhh she's gonna feed us!? (crappiest picture ever, but it was just too funny)



Bil looks so mad. He just wants to eat forever.


Love! :heart





They finally gave up on me, bahha. No food, no pics!

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I have tried four times now and for some reason not all the pics are downloading for me :(

I can only see the second and third pic and I have to say Bilbo is so cute!! He has beautiful fins and I love how he has a purple tinge to him (well he does in the pics I can see LOL)

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Thanks guys!!

Yeah, Bil's a looker! His face looks so grumpy which is opposite his personality - it makes me laugh, hahaha. Migaloo, aww that's odd! They're in png format instead of jpeg so maybe that's why. He's really iridescent, so he can be whatever colour you want him to be :D His tail is more like a small veil, so flowy and whatnot.

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Yeah it is odd... png shouldnt be a problem. The pics I cant see are coming up on my screen just a bit of the way down then they stop... oh well... will just have to enjoy the two I can see! :)

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