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Project Ranchu!


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So, today at my LFS I put in an order for two Ranchu. I ordered a black, and a red and white, hoping for something between 3-4 inches. I told them cost wasn't really a concern, as I was considering spending upwards of 200-300 on one fish, from fishsempai.com I guess the issue w/ ordering through their breeder is, he won't just send one fish, he'll send several. So I'll still get to pick two, out of a bunch that they get in. And, the best part being is they won't sell any other, until I've come in to claim my two!

So, I'm pretty damned excited right now. Since I lost my poor Annie, I've felt my tanks have looked extremely empty without a Ranchu. I do have my Lionhead, Dion. But, he's just not that same, so dynamic, and fast. He just doesn't have that same great, awkward swimming style that makes a Ranchu what it is.

The new set up will be the two Ranchu, in one tank. I've decided that Ranchu shouldn't really be mixed in with other goldies. I think this is just a personal opinion but, I find the better swimmers like to pick on the poor Ranchu. So this tank will be a Ranchu only zone.

The QT tank is clean, and cycled. So the current plan is to set up another larger tank, likely close to 40 gallons, possibly bigger. It'll be those two Ranchu, and possibly a pleco.

I'll update this thread as I go.


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You might consider the Ranchu from Ken at Dandy Orandas .Does He ship to Your Area ? . For the money You mentioned , You can get some pretty nice Ranchu .His excellent Quarantine process and reputation is what sold Me. You can talk with Him and He will get You exactly what You want.

These two Ranchu are very strong swimmers, one flip of that tail, and they are the first ones to eat !


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I can't wait to see them.

Garibaldi, I just realized you are in so-cal, too. Any favorite stores in our neighborhood?

I saved this post earlier , look at #'s 3 & 4


Im teasing You, but that was a great post. I only went to PTF ,but plan to visit them all

PTF was disapointing.

I have bought from both Raingarden, and Dandy Orandas, and love them both.They both are very personable and have excellent customer service.

I have bought Goldfish at 3 different Koi dealers. Of the three, Eastern Nishikigoi is the only one worth visiting.

Eastern NishikiGoi in westminster- is the old Pacific Goldfish farm . They occasionally have decent Golfish ,but call first.

In the late sixties , that place was phenominal.My folks would drive Me there and I would empty My wallet (I still dream about that place)

Andrews Koi in anaheim-occasionally has just OK goldfish.Have to get first pick ,or else dont bother.call first

Asahi fancy Koi in gardena, about the same as Andrews,call first

And since We are speaking about Our Goldfish world hear near Los Angeles,I am trying to incorporate a golfish show along with the ZNA club Koi show that happens in Gardena in March . All other ZNA Club Shows that happen in other states around the country are Koi and Goldfish Shows.

The So Cal Chapter is the only one that does Koi only,even though most Koi people that I know have Goldfish also. so Im working on it.Wish Me luck

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Locke, I'm so excited for you! I was so sorry when you lost Annie -- I always felt like she was my Salem's "Koko's sister." :D They looked so much alike.

Can't wait to see what you get! Did they give you any idea how long it would take for the new ranchus to come in?

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