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Koi Tattoo


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That's pretty neat! Will it be in color or stay like this?

No color , Black and Grey all the way hehehe

I would not know what color to put in there, too many to choose from and this way anyone can put the colors they want... in their own mind that is hehehe :)

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Thx everyone :)

My tattoo artist has come a long way to this day.

I have 4 Tattoo and 3 are from the same guy and he's getting better and better. (3 dragons and 1 Koi)

My next one will be... i dont know heheheh

but i love dragons so it's probably gonna be one.

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I love it! That's so awesome!

I def wanna get a goldfish tattoo if I ever get a tattoo. Obviously I love goldfish but to me they've always represented so much more.. Strength, friendship, fate etc. Right now the plan is that if and when my fish Chase passes, I will get a tattoo of a red cap oranda to remember him by, but also just to remind me that through the toughest times there is always hope as long as you don't give up the fight. Because there is no way he should be alive after his battle with dropsy... Yet here he is. Hopefully I won't need to get that tattoo for many years to come though! :)

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