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Hi All.


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Hey pp,

My name is Rene and I'm from NB Canada.

My First language is French(no not from Quebec) so sorry for typing mistakes.

I'm new to aquariums and fish, but I've lived all my life near the Atlantic Ocean. I feel more at home underneath the waves than on land, so i'm trying to bring that peace into my home. So far my luck with fish as been disastrous. I've lost many fishes and i feel bad, so this i why i came here to learn the trick of the trades and make sure I'm on the right path before getting another fish. My favorite fish of all is the Koi. I dream one day to be able to have some but i need to learn the basics before investing in kois.

Here is a pic of my latest tattoo.


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Whoa...that is some tattoo. I want a goldfish tattoo but my friends would make even more fun of me. That and my dad will kill me if I get another one :P

But you definitely came to the right place for info. Kois might be out of reach for a while but I'm sure there are other goldfish out there that might interest you.

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