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Will This Be Ok?


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Well I have to start breaking down some tanks to get the 180 in the room. Right now the 55 is where the 180 will go. So I'm going to break down the 20s and put the 55 there. That means that the fish in the 20 will be going into the 55. I'll probably be moving them all into the 55 on the 4th of November and they will be in there until around Thanksgiving 24th-25th. So there will be 7 2-4 inch goldies in the tank for around 3 weeks. I'll also be adding an AC 110 to the tank to get it seeded.

If I lower the current on it, does it slow the seeding process?

If I continue my 2x 50% water changes weekly, will they be ok for 3 weeks?

I might be adding a UV sterilizer onto the tank around the 4th as well, unless that would be bad for the 110.

Also, if I have the one AC 110 and two AC 70s seeded, will that be sufficient on the 180 if the remaining two AC 110s aren't seeded yet?

The newest additions to my group will still be in qt during this time so they will not be in the 55.

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Personally I think as your fish are pretty small they will all be fine in the 55 gallon for this long, particularly with your water changes they're not going to get stunted and your nitrates shouldn't rise too much, just make sure you get all your cycled filters that aren't being used in QT on there and I don't see a problem :)

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