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Tank Redecorating And New Bettas!


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I've been so busy I haven't posted in a while. I found my girl betta dead about a month or so ago and I've gotten a new betta for that tank. A dark blue/black body with brilliant red fins with hints of green in them. He's a "double tail/half-moon" (I think pet*co has started breeding mutt bettas.....but he does look really cool). His name is Hannibal an he inhabits my Fluval Chi tank. He also really enjoys hiding from me. So here are some shots of the newly redecorated glowing, green, betta paradise and the hiding Hannibal.






I also found my poor Razz dead a couple of weeks ago. But I've replaced him with another beautiful newbie. A big, plakat half-moon in an iridescent green mother of pearl color with maroon colored fins and tail. His name is Xerxes. And he likes to show off for the camera, as seen with the pouty face.



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