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Random Photo Dump

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EDIT: Darn, those colors are off. The fish look different in each photo. -sigh- Stupid camera.

This is what the 55 gallon tank looks like. My view from the couch. And my coffee cup :read

The small TV to the right on the entertainment stand is now replaced with Vanille's quarantine tank. Further to the right is the20 gallon tropical tank on top of a taller cabinet


Not a great picture, I was just trying what a blue background would look like. BUT this photo shows Chibi's mix of matte and metallic scales


Spicey looks insane. You can see the thick skin on her forehead and a tiny bump-wen developing. Yay!


From the front she looks chocolate


Here you can see how large Hugo is compared to my hand. I got big hands for a woman btw.


Hugo and her shadow - Orange Fishie


Chibi again with her matte and metallic scales. She is such a cutie!


Chibi and Blacky Fishie trying to bribe me for food with their funny wiggly dance


In the morning the fancies come right up to be hand fed


All five in one phot. That's rare!


When I did a 100% water change in Vanille's quarantine tank, I had to put her in the 1 gallon bowl. She gets so sulky so easily lol


I still feel bad about Hugo being one of my least favorite fish when I first got them all. I thought she wasn't very pretty, but now she is such a beauty!


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Yep, although I'm looking for a larger tank right now. Currently doing water changes twice weekly on a regular basis. But she was THE DREAM FISH so I had to get her. :D

The blue background looks nice, but it's a bit TOO colorful. I'm thinking about a less saturated blue, or a darker blue. :)

Thanks though! :)

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Thanks!! The kitty is bad though, she just snuck out the back door when I was doing the water change. Always trying to get out, but she's an indoor kitty. In this neighborhood I find too many roadkills :( I don't want Kiki to end up like that.


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I like the blue background too... the contrast against the fish colours would look fantastic!

Is spicey a chocolate oranda? I didnt know she she was an oranda! How exciting to see her wen starting to develop!! :)

I didnt realise Hugo was such a big boy either! (BTW - I like your ring :) ) So that must mean that black fishie is a big boy too?

Its funny how photos make the fish look so different in size to what they are in real life - and you dont get a true idea of the size unless there is something to compare to.

They are all looking well! Vanille will be a lovely addition with her beautiful colouring!

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Yes, Spicey is an Oranda although her wen hasn't really started developing yet. I also doubt she will ever have a big wen, which is ok for me. About the color, I got no clue if she is considered bronze, chocolate or whatever. From the front she does look chocolate, but from the side she is so metallic and reflective. I thought chocolates are matte? And she seems a bit too bright for chocolate as she looks more like a dark caramel from the side.

Hugo is making pouty faces about being called BOY lol I really think I have to change her name :D All my fish are female except for Orange Fishie. Chibi and Vanille is not sure yet, but they seem to be girls too.

That's my wedding ring :3

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