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My Fish Laid Eggs! Help?!


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I'm just a poor university student living in a small apartment. My roommates and I wanted some sort of pets but never had the chance to get any. Then one day in early September, I was walking to class and noticed 2 goldfish in the creek that runs through campus. I remembered my environmental science professor mentioned how some irresponsible pet owners like to dump their unwanted fish into the campus creek which is bad for the fish and the environment (since they are an invasive species).

My roommate and I decided to save the fish and somehow managed to catch them with a net. We brought them home but didn't have a tank so we put them in a 20 gallon plastic storage tub. (Here's a picture of them http://img815.imageshack.us/img815/4518/59010162306669522911933.jpg the black and orange one is the female named Barabara, the male is named Sekuhara). We didn't have a filter either and couldn't really afford one so I frequently changed the water. After a month or so, we decided to invest in a filter, then 2 days after we set up the filter, I noticed eggs all over the tank. This happened last Wednesday Oct 20th and now I have 100-200 eggs in a smaller plastic drawer (that I used to keep my socks...). The eggs are developing well but not very quickly since it's pretty cold right now in Berkeley. I can see their eyes and spine; occasionally they move around. I think they will hatch in the next 2 days or so.

I never expected in my wildest dreams that the 2 fish I found in the campus creek would breed in my cheap plastic storage tub after a month of catching them. I was just happy that they were still alive. I read up on everything I could about raising fry but we can't afford most of the needed materials like heat lamps or sponge filters, and I can't seem to find anywhere that sells brine shrimps either :/ I'm planning on feeding them a mixture of flake food, boiled egg yolk, freeze dried bloodworms, and green peas all crushed into a fine powder with my stone mortar (that I happened to have for some reason). Will that be enough to raise the fries? I am looking for alternative ways of raising them that's compatible with a college student's budget. Also I have to fly home during winter break and I have no idea what to do with them since I can't take them on the plane, and I definitely do not want to dump them back into the creek that I found them in. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading! :)

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You can try bringing them to a pet store, have they hatched yet or not? Have you heard about culling at all? :( This will need to be done when raising fry to gently put down deformed fish who will not have a fighting chance. Some aquarium stores might be willing to take in your fish.

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