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Just Got Our New Betta


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Hi there,

yesterday we went to the store to buy all the betta supplies and a new 2.5 gallon tank and they had this puny looking tiny crown tail betta. I had my mind set on a plakat though, so we did not take him home....

Then after dreaming about him all night I went back first thing this morning to pick him up. :-)

Right now he is hiding behind one of the plants in his tank, but I'll try and take a photo of him once he gets a little braver.

I was going to name him Hapkido, but my 6 year old son insists he looks like "Bill Nie the science guy" (not sure about the spelling of the last name)lol

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Thanks everyone. I'll try and take photos when he gets a little braver. Hoping that'll be tomorrow. :-) He is so tiny, he even makes the 2.5Gallon tank look enormous. I guess I'll have to look up Bill Nye now. Having moved here from Germany I had never heard of him before my son mentioned him today. lol

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