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85Gal Complete!

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Einstein joined the gang a few days ago. So far they are all buds. :)

Blondie will be getting her last chance to be nice tomorrow :)














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Einstein is totally adorable - there's nothing I love more than a baby redcap! How big is he?

Must feel so good to have it all finished (except for naughty blondie). Hope she behaves herself!!

I'd love to see a full pic of the completed tank!

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The sad thing with Archie is that he is like one of those pretty boys in high school - he is real pretty but has NO personality! :rofl (don't tell him!)

Einstein is not that small actually. He is very long tho, he doesn't seem to have that chubby Oranda look for now. He is about 4-5inches with tail. Oh and his cap is FINALLY starting to grow! It has looked the same for almost a year. After House he is the one I have had the longest :)

Baby House sort of imposed herself in all the 'photo shoots' because she just places herself at the glass and looks out at me all the time! Whenever I am doing something near their tank she is there staring! She is the cutest! :heart

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