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Thought I'd Share Some Pics :-)


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Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!

I had always wanted a panda too and had never seen one in real life... only on the net. Then one day I walked into the LFS... not intending to buy a fish and they had 4 of them so I snapped him up!

Blackteles - Panda is my newset fish and I have only had him for about 3 months. So far he hasnt changed colour at all. I too am interested to see how long it will last.

I dont know if Migaloo is male or female. I have always referred to him as a boy, but I have a feeling he is female LOL... only because when the others got breeding stars, Migaloo never did. Also Moby (who is definitely male) sometimes displays breeding behaviour towards Migaloo, but I have never seen Migaloo display such behaviour toward any of them... if that makes sense.... Well thats my theory anyway!

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