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New Goldfish...and Minnow!


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A few weeks ago I got a new 40 gal tank at the Pet/co tank sale--$1 per gallon! I don't really have a stand for it though so can't set it up yet. But I had already combined my tropicals all in my 20 gal and I had my 16 gal free soooo I went ahead and got a new goldfish also. I hadn't planned on it though--I was just going to put a school of rosy red minnows in the 16. However, my bf insisted I get more than a few 13 cent fish and this guy really stood out among the other sickly looking commons. So far he is doing great with the one surviving minnow who is also doing well. Don't worry, I am doing extra water changes til I can get the 40 gal going! Will be looking for a stand tommorrow. :)










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Thanks all! Didn't get a stand but my bf said he would let me use an old desk he has that is quite sturdy. He was using it for some project but says he could do without so maybe I will get to have it setup in a week or two. Maybe Rocko is a girl?? I don't know as I have trouble telling them apart so I just refer to all my gf as "he"! A girl would be fine though...:)

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