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Finally! Herman's New Temporary Tub/tank!

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I can only hope he doesn't have any lasting health issues from being stuck in his 5 gallon little home for too long! (Prepping his old digs for Steve (our betta) now.)

I was unable to find a thicker Rubbermaid tub that wasn't colored, so I went with the thickest plastic I could find. It's bowing a bit more that I would like, but it won't be too long before his 30 gallon tank will be ready (hopefully).


Over in the corner in the dining room. You can see all of the gifts Little Breeches gave Herman to make him feel at home.



I gave him a mug to hide in, but he never seems to go in.


Art by Little Breeches.

I had to turn the Whisper 30 down a bit because the current was too much for the little dude. But so far he is one happy camper. bigsmile.gif

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Thanks you guys! Little Breeches is learning a bunch. We've used this to count gallons, learn about underwater plants, fish anatomy and behavior, and how to re-use the water so as not to waste it.

It's a 15 gallon tub. It will be our QT when we get our 30 gallon up and running. bigsmile.gif

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Thanks everyone! Herman is a new man. He was spunky before, but now? Whew!

And Little Breeches knows not to put any gifts in the tank. I think she compensates by adding her "welcome to your new home for now" presents outside and in large numbers.


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