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My Beloved Mr. Wendell

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It's been a long time since I've been on. Each time I think about checking in on the forum, I get really sad and change my mind. I lost Mr. Wendell about two months ago and I still get really upset thinking about it. Just last month, the Arrested Development song Mr. Wendell accidentally came on Pandora while I was at work and I started crying. I figured, when I was ready, I'd come back to the forum and write an obituary for Mr. Wendell? but I've been putting it off because I'm still not quote there yet. I've lost fishy friends before, but Mr. Wendell was the first that really hit home. Instead of continuing to wait in hopes of being ready, I have decided to write about him.

My beloved Mr. Wendell was spotted in a lfs December '09 and when I saw him, I got all giddy. His chubby cheeks were so cute and I just knew how special he was. It didn't take long for me to decide that he would come home with me.


After QT, he was introduced to Mooshu and they became fast friends. Such good friends that they started dating and fell in fishy love. Two peas in a pod they were. Always meandering around the tank together or bumping wens.



April '10 he got sick. Although he had dropsy, he sailed through treatment with flying colors and was reintroduced to the main tank... much to Mooshu's delight. Unfortunately, about a month later, he relapsed. This time was much more of a roller coaster for him. Every time he seemed to be getting better, he would get worse. Although some days were worse than others, he was always in high spirits and would greet me happily and gobble his food with excitement. August was tough for him and although I wasn't ready, he decided it was time to go. He had been so brave and was such a trooper through months and months of treatment.

I picked a special box and put in filter floss/media as a bed for him to help filter out anything bad he may encounter. I added gravel and some soft fake plants to decorate his new forever home. I wrote him a special message and he was buried in our backyard under the shade and protection of a tree.

He was such a wonderful and unique goldie; always lazily swimming around the tank. Although he was the big boy in the tank and towered over Moose, he had such a calm demeanor and was a gentle soul. I miss him very much and will think of him often. I hope he is in a better place.


I love you Mr. Wendell.


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oh no allie..... this brought tears to my eyes. I thought you had good news... :cry1

Mr.Wendell was a gorgeous little guy. We will always remember him and the fabulous pictures you took of him.

He will forever be with you. :heart

PS. How are the others? I was thinking about you the other day.

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Oh no Allie! :cry1 I've often thought of you and Mr Wendell and I was hoping he was getting better. Both of you have been through so much these last few months but Mr Wendell was a real fighter. You cared for him so well and he knew you loved him. :heart I hope you know that we are all here to support you through these hard times. :grouphug

RIP Beautiful Mr Wendell

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