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A Couple Of Questions About Live Bloodworms


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I've been feeding my Betta pellets as a staple, some bloodworm flakes from time to time, and freeze dried bloodworms as a treat. I just bought some live bloodworms and the employee wasn't very knowledgeable. How long will they live in my refrigerator/how often should I drain the water and give new water? Can I feed them anything to keep them alive longer? How many/often should I feed him? They came in a very tiny plastic container.

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I've fed live foods to bettas for years and years and never encountered a parasite problem -- but I'd never feed live food to my goldfish, who just seem to be perpetually waiting for an opportunity to get sick or diseased. Bettas thrive on live worms. I personally think bettas don't reach their full potential size- and color-wise without live food.

To keep your new bloodworms alive, make sure they're in a large enough container that they're not piled on top of one another more than about 1/8 inch. Get a larger container if needed. Rinse daily! You can keep them alive in the fridge for up to 2 weeks if you're diligent about rinsing.

You don't need to feed them (honestly, I don't know what bloodworms would eat -- I've never heard of feeding them when you're just keeping a small batch to feed to fish). You'll notice that they'll grow a little during the 2 weeks, and might look longer or lighter-colored as the days pass. When they get pretty thin and insubstantial, it's a good reminder to me to buy another batch.

Feed them one at a time to your betta, using either tweezers or a little bulb syringe thingie (if you're squeamish) or your fingers. Dangle the worm into the water -- bettas go nuts over the wiggling. Try not to drop them -- those little buggers disappear into the gravel FAST, and they can live there happily for a loooooong time.

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