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New Ryukin Photo Dump.


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I got a few better photos of my new little Ryukin today, along with some video of both tanks. I'm going to doodle around with editing the tank videos, but in the meantime... pictures!

I haven't thought of a name for him yet. Any ideas?


He;s got a great grump face!


As you can see he has a little bit of damage on his dorsal and one anal fin, but that should clear up with the prazi and salt in QT.




Om nom nom! He is an eating MACHINE! Other than supplying him with ample protein, what else can I do to encourage that hump to grow?


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Oh, I just love ryukins! What a beauty! I love his tail, and body shape! You caught yourself a good one! ;)

I'm terrible with names... :o To me, he seems like his name would be something that starts with a Z or an R :D

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Thank you everyone! Still no idea for the name. My mom has taken to calling him pumpkin, but I am not a big fan of that name. Still doing good. It's beginning to look like that bit of dorsal growing back!

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