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Morning Sun.

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One of the reasons why I love where the 85Gal is located is because it has amazing morning sun coming in from a side window. It makes the tank look so bright and happy - and the fish seem to love it too.

Just a little photo shoot before feeding time (excuse the messy open lights but I need 'space' when I feed :rofl )

We are now up to 6 fishies out of the final 8.



















:heart :heart :heart

not sure why some are turned weird. gota call the boyfriend.

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thanx everyone!

Shell: no reason to be jealous - your fall inspired tanks are gorgeous!

Edith: well today is the first time this week we have sun! :krazy: thankfully the snow which was suppose to arrive didn't! not ready for cold weather just yet.

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They sure do seem to enjoy it, it looks lovely too. I love Urkel, he's so tiny!! :D

My goldies love their morning sun as well, it always makes the aquarium look to pretty. The only problem is, it invites that terrible brown diatom algae. :rolleyes:

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thanx guys!

the plants I tied with fishing line - if you use it just make sure you do the knots under the rock - the cut parts are VERY dangerous I think for eyes or anything like that - they are very prickly.

Susan my 'billionaire babies' (nickname my boyfriend uses as he doesn't remember the individual names :rofl ) are still in their QT tubs! The darn 160Gal tank has not arrived for them yet. But SOON everyone will be settled. Did you see the Dalmation Ryukin that is coming for Christmas? :heart :heart :heart


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thanx amy! the plants really seem to be happy for now :) shhhhhh don't raise the brown algae from the dead! I had it in my turtle tank and I HOPE I don't get it here - so far I just had it a tiny bit during the fishless cycle. Now I see a few specks of green on the rocks. FIngers crossed.

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The tank is a Fluval 1500.

J-Pond the roots aren't attached for now. I think it will take longer on the rocks than with the driftwood.

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