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Got A New Goldfish


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So my friend with the tank that never had any water changes is now fixed but she wont do water changes still. And I am not going to keep doing them.I lost two of the three goldfish during the water changes too.

I have been wanting to break down my 10 gallon. I gave her the 20 guppies. (yep got to count them lol) Moved the few plants to the 29 gallon. And I now have her comet in my 55 gallon.

She is 3 to 4 years old. Not as long as Mongo so kind for small for a comet. She is not here to stay. My friend is redoing her goldfish pond. It's liner needs replaced (she got it last week.) Been talking about doing it all summer so maybe next year it well be done and the comet well go in the pond. So I think with a little extra care it well be OK till then. No I did not QT since it has been in the tank alone for about a month now. Not sure Ill name her cause it might make it to hard to give her up when the time comes.

I think with some live plants and she well never fill it up even with live bares her tank well do so much better with the guppies and the few mollies she plans to get. She been wanting to do that for a couple years. She had a 30 for several years set up that way with a rare water change and it did fine. Hope she has the same luck.

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