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Pictures Of My Crew In Their Nice Clean Tanks.


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I just finished cleaning all the tanks. Everyone was happy so I took some pics of them. I hope you'll enjoy them. :)

Here's Fern




Now for Coquin





Hercules and Coquin, best of friends.


Thanks for looking! :)

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Thank you guys. :) They have grown recently which makes me happy even if they aren't quite growing as fast as I'd like them too, but they are healthy.

As for being happy they certainly were that last night because I just replaced their floating plants with some new ones, so it's salad bar time for all the goldies. :rofl

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Thank you for your kind comments guys. :heart

This is for you J-P :yeah:

Here is the 20 gallon with Hercules and Coquin:


This is Fern's 15 gallon :


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