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My 70 Liter Tank

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Hi All

I would like to show you my 70 liter tank.

This tank is more pretty than my goldfish tank, and im

very happy with it.

In the tank there are Corydoras, Cherry Red Shrimp, Crystal Red Shrimp,

Amano Shrimp and a few Endler's.

Hope you like it :)

Guldklumpen / Jesper

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Oh Jesper it is awesome!

Do you have a CO2 'machine'?

I would love to try a planted tank for my bettas. What substrate do you have? How much do you have to clean per week.

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Thx for the kind words.

I dont use Co2, but a liquid substiture called Easy-Life Carbo.

That and Profito fertalizer.The substrate is just river sand (2-3 mm in diamater)

The tank allmost never gets vacumed, i only claen the glass once a week.

at the same time i change 40-50% water.

Thats it.

It's much easier than keeping goldies, haha :D

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Thx Fang :)

Btw. i love the Final Fantasy games, but FF13 lacked a little "freedom".

FF7 is THE best game i ever played of all games :)

True, same here!

But it makes sense to not being able to explore in XIII as much as you want, after all they're fugitives running against time.

At first it bothered me too, but then I thought about it and realized it actually makes sense that you have less freedom and adds realism to the story. I mean, how realistic would it be if you are supposed to be THE enemy of your world and you can just walk in and out of any place, taking your precious time looking around?

You know what I mean?

Ok, back to topic :D

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What an absolutely Beautiful Tank :) are there lots of little baby shrimps swimming all over :) I would love to try a set up like yours someday :)

Red Cherry Shrimp are very easy to keep.

I started with 25 of them January 2010 and after giving about 200+ away to

friends, i still have 2-300 left.

They breed like crazy.

But buying the Endler's keeps the baby shrimp population down.

I also had to use some as goldfish food, i know it's natural....but im not happy with it.

The goldies are though :)

Fang - I know what you mean, but would still have liked to shape the skills of

all the chars the way i wanted it and not how the game forced it to be.

Still, a very good game all in all :)

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