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Hi. :-) Been a long time since I've been here. According to the profile I was adjusting, the last time I was here was when I was of age 22. Now I am 26. :-P

I still got lots of tanks and just recently set up one for Goldfish. So, I am going to see if I can try to keep Goldfish alive this time (never have an issue with many other fish).

I'm the guy with the Goldfish video on YouTube. :-D

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I'm back! This time I have a 33 w/ 4 of them. This time, the setup is mostly different and has been able to manage it all way better than previously. Two of them are a major find of Orandas. I will post everything on the comp soon. Meanwhile, keep racking up the views for the above video. :-)

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Eh, a few months ago I got back into fish. Quickly set up a 55 then the 33 and lastly the 5. I did have a 20 for a short time, but it was in an awkward position, so I transferred the babies that were big enough to the 55. I think that is all I will have. Still dealing with medical problems and being pumped full of narcotics and sleep here and there, but not long each time except for night I go into a coma for at least 8 hours or so. I'm so happy with The Gube and its right next to my potential death bed where I can just lay there and watch them. Once in a while I'd catch them all in a row staring at me when I open my eyes. And I didn't make the cut for the new season of Face Off. I was hoping they would pick me for a challenge for the contenders to create masks using me since I look like the guy that the host of the show's dad created for the Mask movie. And the Cochlear Implant doesn't look like it will happen...wasted months waiting for it.

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