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Hello everyone,

I'm about to setup my 2 tanks and i need some advice.

Tank 1 is a 20 US Gal with Hagen Aquaclear 30.

Tank 2 is a 25 US Gal with Hagen Aquaclear 70.

I would like to know if i'm good like that or should i had more filtration ?

Also in Tank #1 i dont have any gravel at the bottom can those be added after my tank is cycled ?


Rene F.

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For your 20 gallon, I'd get another AC 20...will then have 250 GPH filtration, as you need 10x filtration.

Your 25 gallon is good with the AC 70.

If you are using gravel, no more than 1 inch (less is even better) gravel holds and harbours lots of nasties. Even with bi-weekly, thorough vacuuming, my gravel was disgusting when I finally removed it and went bare bottom(well a few scattered glass pebbles)

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