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Some Pics Of Little Nano C:


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This is my "hopefully-an-oranda", Nano! He moves so much that it's hard to get a non-blurry photo of him without using the dreaded flash. But I miraculously managed to get some okay ones today rolleyes.gif Enjoy! And thanks for looking! :B

This one's my favorite!


He swears to me that this is his "good" side.


"Hai der! Food nao, plz!"


I can hear the faint hum of a vacuum cleaner coming from the tank...


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faint vacuum cleaner LMAO

What a cute fish! And nice photos! I HAVE to use flash for my photos because my camera sucks so bad without, even with all the tank lights and 7 (!!!!!!!!) light bulbs in my room on that the picture come out absolutely non usable.

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Thanks so so much, everyone! :D And it makes me happier to get some confirmation that he is indeed a red cap oranda! :P He's grown so much already; I can't wait till he's big! (Then again, I like him being a wittle-bitty baby too :P)

Fang, I feel your pain, all my lights are either weak and indirect or behind Nano. So 90% of my shots have a beautifully exposed background... and a dark fish Dx

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